Annunciation Pics for Art With a Purpose Class

1333 Simone Martini- The annunciation with Two Saints
St. Margaret, St. Ansanus AND Jeremiah, Ezechiel, Isiah and Daniel.

1443 Filippo Lippi - Annunciazione

1465-75 Hans Memling, The Annunciation

1515  Matthias Grünewald-The Annunciation (one panel of a triptych) Isenheim Altarpiece 

C. 1559 -1564 Annunciation by Titian

1593 -1652 GENTILESCHI Artemisia - Italian (Rome ) - The Annunciation

1597-1600 El Greco, Annunciazione

1600s Matthias_Stomer_-_Annunciazione_-

1608  The Annunciation, by Caravaggio

1610 Annunciation, Peter Paul Rubens

1833–1911 Frederic James Shield

1836-1902 James Tissot (French, )

1850 dante_gabriel_rossetti_16_ecce_ancilla_domini

1860-1926 The Angel's Message, by G. Hillyard Swinstead 

1876 -1879 The Annunciation  Edward Burne Jones

1888 the Annunciation by William Bouguereau

1892 Arthur Hacker, The Annunciation

1898. Henry Ossawa Tanner, The Annunciation
(This actual painting is in the Philadelphia Art Museum!!!)

1901 Mikhail Nesterov  The Annunciation 

1914 Helena Vurnik (Austria-Slovenia)

1914 the Annunciation,  John William Waterhouse

Vardges Surenyants, Annunciation, date unknown.

Title and Artist unknown

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