Monday, May 21, 2012


Guess what I did today?!?!?!? Spun my own fibers for my wigs!!!!!!!! I usually hire fiber artists to do this but I suppose I just wanted to make more work for myself. Honestly, I just thought, I've been buying it for years and I just want to try it myself. So for my birthday last week, I treated myself and bought a spindle. Lots of work, my hand hurts, and I'm covered with silk and glitz from head to toe (granted I went a wee bit overboard...and if you know me at all...100% is never's got to be 400% effort ROFLOL) but I made some GORGEOUS fibers. I'm so tickled with how they turned out! I can't WAIT to make wigs out of these!
I just showed my dh and his response was an unenthusiastic "Whoopee, Laur. Quit fooling around and make us some money." Blah! Party pooper! Told him that I saved us money since I spun them myself. Well, I'm happy and that's really all that matters. I think this is so novel and will make the most beautiful dreds! Aren't they the most glorious colors!!!??? Go ME!!!

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