Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sybarite V3 body restrung

Poor Quantra's strings snapped during shipping. She was returned to me in pieces. Upon examination, the metal clamp used to secure the cord chewed away at the cord (which was probably cut too short in the first place) and caused it to snap. This was compounded with the cord being strung too tightly in the first place. When I had her in my studio the first time, she was strung so tightly, that I could not replace her hands as the client wished. I have completely restrung her now, and as you'll see, my client can replace her hands now with the new expressive hands that Superfrock is offering.

I've restrung older Sybarites before thanks to the tutorial that my friend, Cliffy Chan posted on his blog The new body is a whole different animal, though. Took me a few days of head scratching, getting opinions from my family, and stringing and re-stringing until I finally figured it out. (And..if this isn't the way Superfrock did it, I really don't want to know at this point. LOL It works and that's all that matters to me.)

Let's begin. The pelvic bone connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone connected to the knee bone...and so it goes....

I have NO idea how much cord I used. I used the entire package of cord. Here you will see 2 separate cords.  One travels down the body into the pelvis, into the ball joint at the top where there is a slit and through the hole in the bottom and threaded through the thigh, knee, lower leg and foot. This same cord is doing the exact same thing on the other side.

The other cord is coming down through the body, and through a hole at the center of the pelvis (see 2nd image after this one) and there is a loop on either side. A loop comes out of the center of the pelvis on both sides. (Credit where credit is due: this was figured out by my hubby, Mr. Fix-it extraordinaire.)

See how the two cords are from a top view.

The one cord comes out the pelvis and is going through the thigh (top left), and the other cord is lacing through the ball joint (coming out of the lower pelvis.)

I have laced the cord through the other cord, and I pull tight from the cords at the top of the pelvis, and snap all joints into place. Then, I've laced the long cord through the entire leg and attached the foot.
I thread all of the cords through the top of the doll's body and out through her head, and tie a knot around the little metal ring (with the Sybarite logo tag on it) and tighten the cords up at the head. Knot tightly a few times. I do not use clamps because the metal causes the cord to fray.

Now my client can actually change hands.

Quantra can now pose, and yes, she is a whole being again.

Feel free to share this post. If I can help one poor stumped soul, I've done my job. :P

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