Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Commissioned Wigs for JID Iplehouse Doll

Asa's Wig

This wig was modeled off a wig that I made for my SID Asa. (Deleting this part in parenthesis after you see this, M.A.----I didn't do the part as high-- I hope you don't mind about that. This wig is very versatile, and can be worn as a modern looking wig with the long part loose, or you can clip the long part back, which looks nice too. I didn't do that in the pics of the SID Asa, so you couldn't see that.

Black Cherry Wig for JID
Black with undertones of Deep Cherry

Dark Chocolate Wig for JID
(Graduates from Black to Dark Brown to Light Brown. More visable in person.)

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